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What Is Mp3va? Created in 2007, is a website that serves to be an excellent alternative to apps like iTunes. The website is a legal hub of songs and albums which you can download after setting up an account. The songs available on the site are up to date, and it features all the recent releases. At the same time, for all the lovers of old music, you will find old songs and albums on the website too. Currently, there are over 3.6 million songs listed on the website, and each of them can be played on a variety of platforms including MP3 players and iTunes. Main Features Here are some of the most important and attractive features of the website. Easy to Sign Up Some sites are marked by such complex signup processes that individuals feel that the sites are too much of a hassle to use. The first thing we noticed about Mp3va upon using it was how simple the signup process was. Unlike other platforms that ask for personal information, all this site demands is your email address. It then asks you to come up with a password for your account and voila! You are done. After doing so, you will be directed to a page that allows you to add information like name, security question and, if you wish to build your account, your date of birth. Not only is the setup of your account quite easy and quick, but upon doing so, users are also given free credit that lets you buy free tracks. This is ideal for those who wish to assess the quality of the service before investing money in it. Affordable Rates Once you have used up your credit and it’s time to cough up some money the next time you wish to add a song to your playlist, rest assured that the cost of the download will not be a factor that will hold you down. When we compared the rates offered on this site to those of iTunes and other similar platforms, we found that Mp3va was one of the cheapest platforms currently available. For whatever reason this may be, this serves to be an excellent news for all the budget-conscious souls out there. Legal The first thought that comes to the minds of many individuals when they look at the low prices offered by Mp3va is whether it is legal to use. This is a genuine concern since there are various illegal sites operating in the world, and investing in such sites can be dangerous considering the fact that downloading music requires you to give your account information. An illegal site is not trustworthy either. You won’t have to worry about this with Mp3va. As far as our research, this site ticks all the boxes. It is legal to use it to download music. However, remember that the music you download is for personal use. If you share it on any platform, you can be slapped with a copyright suit. User-Friendly Interface Regardless of what purpose any website or app serves, the easier it is to navigate, the more traffic it is likely to get. Considering how easy-to-use the website for Mp3va is, it isn’t surprising that the platform is quite the rage among music lovers. One of the best things about its interface is the search bar. It has predictive text characteristic embedded in it. For someone who is bad at spellings, we found this to be extremely helpful when searching for artists. No Ads Advertisements can be very frustrating, especially when all you want to do is download some quality music. At such a time, you don’t want to be constantly bombarded with popup ads. Yet another feature that we liked about this website is that it does not include any popup ads. This means you can download your favorite songs in peace without the occasional interruptions.

Massive Music Catalog

Over 3,500,000 songs, 315,000 albums and 94,000 artists available to chose from. New albums are available within days of release.


The pricing structure is simple. Every song is only 16¢.There is often special promotions on when songs are only 10¢! Buy a whole album or just one song, the choice is yours. All songs are DRM free which means you can save them to multiple devices.

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Sign up for a free account and they have another great deal for being a registered member. Every time you replenish your account with $32 or more, they give you free bonus credits $16. for $32 top up, $32 for $48 top up and a massive $96 free credit on a $96 top up! That means you can get songs from as little as .

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